10 February 2017

Oily Journey

So,  I put in my two week notice at my JOB and am returning to my position as Domestic Goddess and going to try to build my Young Living lifestyle.

I have used essential oils for years.  About a year ago, a friend of mine introduced me to Young Living Oils.  They are all therapeutic grade and so much better, in my opinion, than the other high end oils I had been buying.  My collection has steadily grown to over 50 oils that I am currently using.  I will be posting a lot in the near future how I use all these wonderful oils to support my natural lifestyle.

In the meantime,  one of things that I love is if you order a starter kit, you get the wholesale prices for life, even if you do not want to sell them.  Here is a link to get that deal Young Living

There is also this cool thing called Essential Rewards where you can earn points to use for free products and also get free oils.  This is  the current monthly special:

I took advantage of that and ordered a Thieves Kit to try the pre-made Thieves products and some other oils that I wanted and got the maxium freebies for the month.  All of the oils on the left were free! 
I am really excited to try the Thieves cleaner, it is concentrated it will last a long time and you can make spray cleaner out of it.  

I will be posting recipes for things you can use YL oils for in the future.

Thank you for joining my on oily journey!

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