20 February 2017


The dry winter air has been reeking havoc on my sinuses.  I have been getting cracking in my nostrils and sinusitis (swelling in the sinuses).  I routinely use a neti pot and have used Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oils in the past with some relief.  A few months ago I found this great EO app on Google Play Ref. Guide for Essential Oils.  I looked up Sinusitis and decided to make a blend of the oils it had listed that I have on hand.  I ended up using castor oil as the carrier oil in a 50ml dropper bottle with 10 drops each of Eucalyptus Radiata, Eycalyptus Globuls, Rosemary, RC, Melaleuca Ericifolia , Peppermint, Sage, and Lemon.  I have been using two drops in my neti pot and also taking a cotton swab and coating the inside of my nostril with it 3 times a day.  Over the past week my nose has completely healed.  On top of that, my husband has been fighting a nasty cold so I also starting rubbing this on my face over the sinuses under my eyes (careful not to get in my eyes) figuring that it couldn't hurt.  I haven't been able to breath this well in weeks!!!!

I have my husband now using it to help him get over his cold, rubbing on his chest, face, and swabbing his nose.  

I am hoping this helps with my seasonal allergies, too!  I will let you know as that is right around the corner.

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