31 July 2010

28 July 2010

Chilled cucumber and Potato Soup With Dill. Recipe taken from Martha Stewart Living August 2010 Tracie

27 July 2010

Lemon Cucumbers and Refridgerator Pickles

These cucumbers are so good and refreshing during the hot summer months.

Thin slice on madoline slicer 3 cucumbers, one lemon, and one small onion.

Layer in a glass dish. Add 1/2 white vinegar, 1/3 lemon juice, and 1/2 cup of sugar. optional 1 teaspoon of rosemary or dill. Refridgerate. They will be good in a couple of days and keep about a month

This was my first attempt at pickles and I hope they turn out. I just used a recipe for refridgerator pickles that I found online and of course add more garlic and some hot pepper flakes. I also did dilly beans. I am going to try real canning in a couple of weeks.

Summer Squash and Tomato Tart

Summer Squash and Tomato Tart

This was easy but time comsuming--so yummy and pretty.

line tart pan with cresent roll dough

spread on pesto

mix one cup of ricotta with one egg and spread that over pesto layer

layer 8 oz of Gruyer cheese sliced or shreadded

slice thin with a mandoline slicer one medium yellow squash (or zucchini, one medium onion, and two medium tomatos

saute squash, onions, and one clove of garlic in olive oil with one teaspoon of rosemary until slightly tender

alternately layer in a circular pattern squash and tomato

bake in 400 degree preheated oven for approximately 20 minutes.

23 July 2010

CSA finally kicking in!!

Wow, we got a huge delivery this week. Cucumbers, pickles, green peppers, hot peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, cabbage, green beans, wax beens and basil.

So last night I made a huge amount of pesto; cukes and onions marinated in lemon, vinegar, sugar and rosemary; cucumber tea sandwiches; and a mock lasange with zucchini, pesto and tomato!!

Last week we also go a lot of cukes so I made a cold soup I found in Martha Stewart Living. It called for buttermilk but I used heavy cream. In the past I haven't liked buttermilk, but I bought some yesterday and am going to make the soup again. It was sooo yummy.

All I want to do is cook!!!!! I will take more pics this weekend. I love summer harvests.