10 September 2009

Veggie Hash (my take on the vegetarien restaruant, Gaia's Veggie Hash)

My take on Gaia's Veggie Hash

saute garlic and onion in olive oil.
add some water, 2 tbsp Bragg's or soy sauce, 1 tbsp Better than Boullion veggie, 1 tsp powdered ginger ( you could use fresh but not sure how much)
then add sliced potatoes(I used red and purple), beets, carrots, brocolli, califlower, carrot, mushrooms zucchini, chopped red and cabbage

simmer until potatoes are tender

serve topped with cheese and sour cream.

06 September 2009

Veggie paella: rice, saffron, garlic, shallots, onion, rosemary, tarragon, eggplant, corn, zucchini, carrot, baby bella mushrooms, tomatoes, and vegan chix broth