12 October 2013

Renee's bedroom redo

We started redoing my daughter's room recently.  Well, we actually gutted our whole upstairs, so it is a huge project.  I decided rather than buy her a lot of new items to reuse as many as I could.  This involved a lot of painting.

She went with a black, eggshell, and deep purple Paris/mustache theme.  I got the comforter  and pillow sham at Costco for $19.99.  The Eiffel Tower painting and fur rugs at Meijer on 40% clearance, the fabric, ribbon, metal Eiffel and letters of her name at Hobby Lobby also on sale.
 This chair is a Hannah Montanna folding chair.  I am going to just finish the edges of this fabric and make a slip cover
  This footstool is pink plastic from IKEA.  I just threw a pillow case  over it and secured with the ribbons.  I did put some batting on the top so it is cushy. got black sheets and extra pillow cases on 50% clearance at Meijer.
These are two of the four cubby shelves she has.  

 I took two of them and spray painted them mostly black, except for the top shelf I painted purple.  I spray painted two of the bins eggshell.  For the cases with numbers.  These are her DVDs and Cds.  I stuck black construction paper in the fronts and applied mustache duck tape on the handles because they are blue.  The lamp I had purchased at Meijer for her old room on clearance for $2.00.  The bases was a bright blue and the shade was white with peace signs and flower.  I spray painted the shade with primer and then brushed on eggshell.  The base I painted Purple.

 These wood bins are from her old room and they were $10 each when I bought them years ago so I wanted to be able to reuse them.  They were light pink and lavender.  It took 3 coats of paint but I am really happy with them.
Still the process of painting this, needs one more coat.  It was white.  

I can't wait until the drywall is up and we can start painted.  Her walls are going to be this same eggshell except one wall with be blackboard. I think we are going to go with a faux bamboo laminate flooring.  We also have to do a bed for her.  I was thinking of making this one:  http://ana-white.com/2010/05/twin-storage-captains-bed but without the headboard and painted black.  Or we might make one out of LACK tables from IKEA.  

Stay tuned for updates!