20 January 2011

Healthy Habits and destressers(is that even a word?)

In an effort to be more healthy and create a "Better Version of Me", I am trying to get more exercise.  This weekend, we went to Howard Christianson Nature Center http://kentconservation.org/hcnc.php , me snowshoeing, DD and DH skiing.  We had a blast and got to enjoy the outside. 
Enchanted Forest

There is a section called "The Enchanted ForestWe always pretend that there are fairies and dragons and they come to rescue me, The Queen. I was very sad to hear that they may be closing for good due to lack of funding. :(

I am also walking the treadmill at least 3 times a week and using Myfitnesspal.com.  It is a great way to track calories and exercise.  They even have a really cool app for my phone. 

In an effort to reduce stress in our house and have Little Miss Naughty, DD, not be so naughty, we created a system for her to earn things like TV, Wii, and PC time.  We track all the good things she does everyday on a calendar with stickers.  Following the Love & Logic program, we give her the choice of what and if she does anything.  To my surprise, it has worked wonderful!!!  So far, only a little bit of complaining and NO tantrums since we started on Sunday.  She is really enjoying seeing how much time she has accumulated.  And my house is clean!!!

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