24 January 2011

Felted Fingerless gloves

Well all those sewing classes when I was younger are coming in handy.  Actually, I used to sew all the time but when I moved to the Virgin Islands, I sold my machine to a friend.  I saved my niece's from my parents, where all the kids were playing with it, quite a few months ago.  It was sitting in a corner of my bedroom until yesterday.  I dusted it off, readusted everything, made some bobbins and spent all afternoon sewing.  I forgot how much I enjoyed it.  Renee and I made 3 pairs for her friends.  I made the two above and started 4 more.  I will try and post in the next couple of days the instructions.  I am thinking of selling these, so if you are interested, let me know.

Here are some other ones that I made before Christmas.

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