13 May 2009

It is only Wednesday?

I am dragging this morning. My daughter was dragging also which made for a very stressful start to the morning. I need to kick it back in gear and start working out. I have been really bad this past week. I was going to get up this morning, but I decided to make more chicken seiten last night and was up until midnight. I boiled it again, this time I decided to throw all the veggies I had that looked like they might start going bad over the next few days and ended up with a lovely soup that I put some of the seiten in. I will post a pick later as I brought some for lunch. I put baby yellow potatoes, golden beets, vadalia onions, fennel, celery, carrots, asparagus end pieces, mushrooms, cabbage, and then sage, savory, saffron,tarragon, rosemary, bay leaf, vegan chicken bullion, Lawreys, Bragg's, and garlic. It is yummy!!

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