08 May 2009

Spring Cleaning

I feel like cleaning gives me a new start. Today I cleaned my desk at work and it feels nice to be caught up and uncluttered. If only our house was that way!!! I plan on doing some this weekend but Sunday I am sleeping in!!!! I went to Brickroad Pizza today and had a yummy vegan pizza with spinach, seasoned tofu, and vegan cheese. http://www.brickroadpizza.com/ YUM-EEE.

I am very frustrated with my exhuband and trying not to let him get to me. Our daughters birthday was 4 weeks ago and her present him has yet to show up. I guess his 2 min 10 sec phone call will have to do. She calls my husband Daddy anyway. I am trying sooo hard to just let it go and let him be who he is. I haven't talked to him in months and have no desire to either. Sometimes I just try to breath. It is beautiful today and I long to lay in my hammock. Last weekend an old sweet friend of mine from St John died in a car accident. She touched so many lives with her spirit and her art. I must look at as I look at all bad things. It must have happened for a reason, even if I cannot see what that reason was. Maybe there was pain and suffering on a different path for her and this path was better. RIP Annie Love.

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