11 May 2009

Hayday in May

Wow, Mother's Day was awesome yesterday. I got breakfast in bed. Yes that is prosciutto and dairy. Although I do eat at lot of vegan food I am not vegan. So I ate in bed and read until around 11:00am. Then we went on a 10 mile bikeride and then went to visit the moms.

For lunch today I had this.

That is Root Veggie Salad in the middle which is baby yellow potato, sweet potato, golden beets, celery, and vadalia onions with veganaise, white wine, cider vinegar, celery salt, dill, and lemongrass. I originally made this on Sat with Fennel smoked Rainbow trout which I got from a Bar-B-Q cookbook I have. Basically you soak fennel stems and lay them on the coals and then grill the rainbow trout that is bastated with lemon juice. Then you melt 1/2 cup of butter with chop fennel leaves and juice of 1/2 lemon. I changed the recipe and added lemon grass on the fish and in the sauce. The rest is baby greens, avocado, tomato, and artichoke hearts.

This month is going to be great. My birthday is Friday and about 16 of us are going to dinner at the Blue Water Grill in Grand Rapids. Then next weekend we are going to Drummond Island for 5 days.

Ok, so I am still trying to not get upset at my ex but WTF? He calls my cell phone at 8:40pm last night and leaves a message that he just called to wish me a happy Mother's Day and oh, also please tell our daughter that he misses her and loves her. Well my question is, why the hell didn't you call earlier and tell her yourself? Why haven't you called since her birthday and oh, by the way, why didn't you send her a present or even a frickin card? What is wrong with him? Ok, I am done. Trying to be the better person and not let him irritate me but he is such an ass it hard. Enough of wasting my time and energy.....letting it go. Breath........


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