27 April 2009

The Rain Won't Get Me Down!!

We went to my friends cottage this weekend. The forecast disappointingly went from being sunny and in the 80's on Thursday night to being in the 60's and rainy all weekend. But we still managed to have a bonfire, make some-mores(sp), and the kids blew bubbles in the mist. My daughter and her friend Ava had a riot. Ava is a really cool kid. At the age of 8, she decided on her own to become a vegetarian, while her parent are not. They are very supportive of her efforts. I am surprised that an 8-year-old has such will power. Her and Renee had girl time all weekend, either upstairs on the balcony or in our pop-up. I can't believe my baby is a big girl now. She really didn't want anything to do with me all weekend. It was good to see this independant side of her.

My friend always goes to the Variety in Hesperia to by some odd and crazy gifts for the people staying. While we were looking I spotted this crazy angel baby doll with a black eye.

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