23 April 2009

Feeling Old

My 7-year-old daughter was playing Barbie Fashion Show on her DS last night and said to me that they had stuff from the "Olden Days" on there. I said, "Olden Days?" and was thinking she was perhaps talking about Victorian fashions. She says, "You know, Mom, the 80's." I started laughing. To make matters worse, she looked and me funny and said, "What?" She could not see what was so funny. I will be 39 next month and was feeling pretty young, but to look at me through her eyes, I guess I am getting up there. That is ok. I am very comfortable with my age and wouldn't want to be in my 20's again. When I was 7, my mother was only 25. I am very glad I waited to have my daughter and got to experience life.

On another note, in my quest to eat less meat, I have been trying out new recipes and cooking styles. Last night, my daughter and I made homemade ravioli stuffed with ground pine nuts, almonds, tofu, garlic, egg, and Grana Padano. They turned out fabulous. I also made, for the first time a few nights ago, homemade seitan. I think it turned out pretty good. I made a mock chicken salad, which I will be having for lunch.

I am truly disappointed with Cedar Springs school system. My daughter said they did nothing for Earth Day yesterday, didn't even talk about it!!! Fortunately, we are having her go The West MI Academy of Environmental Science next year. I will be posting links the I love today.


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