02 March 2017

Thirsty Thursday: Going Alcohol Free for One Month

I love wine.  I love beer.  I love mixed drinks.  But once a year, my husband and I take a month off from drinking alcohol.  This is a great way to help lose those holiday pounds and get ready for summer.  In addition to not drinking alcohol, I also stopped drinking pop about 3 weeks ago.  The challenge has been trying to find substitutes when craving something sweet or fizzy.  Right now we are back on the 17 Day Diet which doesn't allow for juice either!  So, what's a girl to do?

I found that sparkling waters help to calm that craving.  I like LaCroix because they have a lot of different flavors.  Peach-Pear and Cherry Lime are my favorites.  A full list of flavors is here: LaCroix

I also recently tried Klarbrunn Black Chery (my favorite flavor of everything) and it is really yummy and a little less expesensive than LaCroix.  Their flavors are here: Klarbrunn

Another thing I do is add Young Living Vitality Oils to plain San Pellegrino water or if I want more flavor to the ones listed above.  These are the ones I have that I use for that and also Lavender and Citrus Fresh (out of right now)  which is yummy with the Lemon.

Click here for more information on the Vitality Line

 If I want them a little sweet, I add stevia.  This is a great no-calorie option.  I use NuStevia   When I start drinking alcohol again, these also make grear no-calorie mixers!

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