09 June 2011

Fresh rolls and seafood rolls The 17 Day Diet

Meijer is now carrying Rice Paper Wrappers which are super low in calories, fat, and carbs.  So this is my first attempt.  Not bad but I definitely need to practice!!  These are cabbage, carrots, sprouts, cilantro, mint, and green onion.  I also did two with lettuce instead of cabbage and Meijer Imatation Fat Free Lobster Meat.  They also make crab and they were on sale last week for .89oz package!!  The sauce is Hosin, rice wine vinegar, and Rooster Chili Sauce. 

For lunch today I am having a Flat Out bread wrap with crab salad that I made with low fat mayo and brown rice with lettuce. 

I was a little bad this weekend and cheated and drank but my weight stayed the same.  Two more days on Cycle 3 and back to Cycle 1 to get off the last 5lbs and hopefully even 10 more!!!  I even wore a bikini this weekend.  :)

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