19 February 2011

Day for Me


I woke up this morning with intentions of cleaning, laundry and unpacking.  Even though I slept in I felt cranky and tired.  After snapping at both my husband and daughter, I realized my back pain was getting the better of me and instead of aggravating it further, I needed to take a day for me.  So instead of chores, I just did yoga in front of the fire, meditated, did some deep breathing.   Took medicine for my back pain.  Then I took a long hot bath, worked on breathing more.  With every exhale I sent my negative energy out into the universe and took in deep cleansing breaths of positive energy.

There is much to be said for hydrotherapy.  While I consider myself a conservationist, I have to make arguments for the occasional bath.  I do feel a pang of guilt for using the water, but the positives out way the cons.  For me, water relaxes me and calms my soul.  Whether I am taking a bath or sailing under the blessed sun, I get the same effect.  In the bath, I like to close me eyes and get my head all the way underwater with just with my nose and lips above the surface.  I like to listen to my heartbeat thumping in my ears and the muffled sounds of the mechanical objects in the house.  The drone is soothing as is the sensation of being lighter in the water.  All the weight of the world just floats away.

It is now almost mid-afternoon and I set here looking at the sunshine out the window as I type.  I am so relaxed and feel a quietness to my mind that I didn't have before.  Yet, I still have to keep knocking those murmurs of chores that keep rearing their ugly heads. I picture the game Wac-a-mole and just keep hammering them back down.  This is a day for me and I intend to keep it that way.

Sending calming, positive vibes your way.

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