22 February 2011

Seitan Pizza---The Art of Food

I often tell people I do not have any artistic abilities.  I seem to forget about food.  Those of you that know me well know that  I love to cook and rarely use recipes.  Food is my art.  I love to cook and find that when I am stressed, it is an outlet for me.  I love to mix spices and experiment with new flavor combinations.  A couple of years ago I started making homemade seitan.  I often use the Seitan O'Greatness recipe that is floating around the internet as a base and then switch it up.  I have been craving figs lately. So last night I added chopped dried figs to the Seitan O'Greatness Recipe and it is awesome!!  Hubby and I made individual sized pizza's last night for a snack and I put some of the seiten on mine.  Food Art = happiness.

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