28 February 2011

Monday Musing: Religion doesn't make you a good person.

I am not very vocal about the fact that I do not believe in God because I have received negative responses in the past.  Last year a read a book by Dale McGowen called Parenting Beyond Belief.  This past Saturday, I attendied conference by the author sponsored by Center For Inquiry.  I was pleasantly surprised by the sense of community and the dialogue.  There was no bashing of religions or religious people.  Instead, we talked about tools to raise our children ethically and morally without indoctrination.  We were encouraged to teach our children about world religions so that they could make informed decisions on what they want to believe when they get older.  I want my child to decide for herself and to also respect other's beliefs and demand that she have respect for her beliefs.  I wish that religious people would have that respect and unfortunately most of them don't.  If you are a free thinker and have children, I recommended Parenting Beyond Belief by Dale McGowen.  I just purchased Raising Freethinkers: A Practical Guide for Parenting Beyond Belief.  It looks like it has great ideas!  I also recommended checking out CFI.  I plan on becoming a paid member now.  It is good to have a community.  I met some great people that I have more in common with me than being a Freethinker and I now consider them friends.



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