23 January 2013

On my way

This year, I not only decided to return to The 17 Day Diet (I would rather call it a lifestyle plan) but also to start exercising more, spend less time on the internet, spend more time with my family, and watch less TV.  

I realized over the later part of last year that Facebook has become all consuming for me.  I was checking it at least hourly, most of the time more, and my train of thought often included, "I should post this."  I realized that I was addicted.  I decided that I needed to take a break from Facebook when I noticed how much data it was consuming on my phone.  I uninstalled my Facebook app and made a promise to myself to stay off for one month.  I am about 2 weeks into this and feeling great about it.  I was getting so upset daily about crap people post on there.  I really am quite happy to not know peoples opinions on politics and religion, etc.  My hope is that after a month I won't feel the need to be on there all the time.  I think, like most things, it is okay in moderation.

I  starting reading to my daughter again at bedtime. I used to read to her every night up to a couple of years ago.  She is almost 11 and I thought too old yo be read to,(she reads at a 10th grade level), but she asked me to start again.  I didn't realize how much I missed it.  I was thinking about why it stopped and not only because I thought she was too old but because it seems there was a TV program on every night that we wanted to watch.  So now, I am making her choose, either read or TV, not both.  She tried to talk me into reading at 9:00pm (her bedtime) but I set the time at 8:00pm. This tackled both less TV and more family time.

I am on day 17 of cycle 1 and have lost 7 lbs!!  I can't wait to add carbs back in.  I think this time around I am going to exercise on the carb days.  I have been doing 20-30 minutes of walking on the treadmill and then 30 minutes of yoga and exercise ball.  I have been trying to do this every other day.  I can't believe how great I feel.  My skin has cleared up, my back and shoulder are hurting less, I have more energy, and I have been sleeping better.  I hope to be at my goal weight by spring break in the end of March.  13lbs to go.  I am on my way to a better version of me.


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  1. Great start to the year. I did the 17 day diet and lost loads but it's just crept up again. Trying the 5:2 diet choosing two days in the week when I can cut calories to a minimum.