01 August 2012

Stone Fruit Salad

 I have been trying to incorporate more fresh fruit into our family's diet.  So I stocked up this week.    I have been wanting to try balsamic vinegar and basil with fruit for awhile.  I threw this together tonight and was amazed that I have never tried it before.  The smooth oaky acidity of the balsamic balances the sweetness of the fruit and had my taste-buds jumping for joy.   Always one to experiment new flavors, I decided to top some plain fat free yogurt with the salad and sprinkle that with some chopped walnuts.  It is everything I can do not to run back in the kitchen for another bowl.  This recipe comes with a warning label:  you might not be able to stop eating the whole bowl so you should take precautions and make a double batch!
P.S.  This was so good I ate it before I remembered that I didn't take a photo.  I will have to do that tomorrow, if there is any left.

Stone Fruit Salad

This is what I used but you could use any combination that you want.
1 peach
1 white flesh peach
2 apricots
1 midnight plum 
1 mango
1 cup of sweet dark cherries, pitted and halved
1 gala apple (I know it is not a stone fruit.)
one handful of fresh basil chiffonade
4 tsbp of really good balsamic vinegar.  I used Old World Press 18 Year Traditional
drizzle of really good extra virgin olive oil

Mix together in a bowl and toss.

Great by itself or scoop a cup over one cup of plain fat free yogurt, sprinkle with walnuts, and drizzle with EVOO and vinegar.  ENJOY!

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