17 November 2015

Homade made Raman

The first thing I had to do was make Dashi.  Just One Cookbook  has an easy recipe for two kids of Dashi and for Furikake with the leftovers from making Dashi.  For the Furikake I did pan dehydrate it but it starting to burn so I popped in in the oven on parchment  200 degrees for 20 min until it was dehydrated.
Kombu soaking
First batch of Dashi

Finished Furikake
While I was making the Dashi, I also pressed and dry fried some extra firm tofu and marinaded with a marinade for Chashu pork and also marinating soft boiled eggs for Ajitsuke Tamago

I used this Broth Recipe but adjusted it because I made the Dashi.   

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