03 March 2010

Cool website for coupons, free samples, and reviews.


I joined this site about a 6 weeks ago and was kinda bumbed because I didn't receive anything, so apparently it takes awhile. Then finally last week, I got a free sample of Kashi cereal with 5 coupons, 1 for a free box and 4 for $1.50 off cereal and crackers. Meijer had them on sale last week also so I ended up getting 5 boxes of Kashi cereal for less than $1.50 each. I also got a buy 1 get one free for Starkist Tuna Sensations and a coupon for some Clever Kids Fruit snacks for cheap also but I can't remember exactly what the amount was. They just ask that you then so to the web site and review the products.

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