21 January 2010

Back on Track

Well the holidays really got me off track with eating more vegetarian meals. I am getting back on meat-free breaky and lunch and trying to limit meat dinners. Today I am having organic roasted pepper and tomato soup and 2 veggie patties. I went to Costco last night and stocked up. I am hoping that this might help with the abdominal pain and digestive issues I have been having that we suspect are secondary to adhesions or return of my endometriosis. I consitpation doesn't help. I have an appointment with a gastroenterologist next week and am worried he is going to want to do a colonoscopy. If everything is ok with that, I will do a clense. In the past, I have used a Garden of Eden cleanse. I really like their products and take Primal Defense daily. Hope to get back on the smoothies tomorrow. I made one last week and tried to sneak carrots in without my daughter seeing because I always give her some. She saw and said,"eew". She drink it anyway and loved it. Spinach is also great and you can't taste it.

My heart goes out to the people of Haiti.

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