18 December 2009

Been Busy and more to come

Holidays are here and I am putting together appetizers for various parties. I have some vegan and veg-head friends so I am going to make some of the following. Will post pics next week.

More Seiten Sausage to use sliced with crackers.
A vegan spinach artichoke dip.

I am going to try and make that Katie Brown bean dip that I previously link to.

The addition on the house is coming along slowly but surely and we have opened it into the house.

Bad news is my abdnominal pain is back and I don't know if it is recurrent adhesions or reactivation of endometriosis. I am in a lot of pain and just trying to get through the holidays and not let it consume me.

I have also been thinking about NYE and goals for 2010. I think reducing negativity is going to be a big one.

Happy Holidays!!

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