07 April 2017

Surviving Allergies

First I must direct you to my disclaimer page here as I am not a doctor and am not suggesting that what works for me will work for you, but as a life long allergy and histamine intolerance sufferer, I wanted to share my journey to wellness with you.

First a little history. I started having allergies when I was young.  Even in my third grade photo, one of my eyes are swollen shut because I was having a reaction to something.  I have been through 2 different rounds of testing and desensitization shots (age 14 and age 24).  Both times, the testing as excruciating.  They tested for about 200 things, placing a little drop of protein serum for all of those on your back in a grid pattern.  Then they take a needle and scratch the surface of your skin at each placement.  Then they make you wait 20 minutes to if you have a reaction. 1 is lowest 4 highest.  I had 4+ reactions on almost everything within 5 minutes resulting in columns of welts down my back.  I had to go in for shots on a weekly basis. 

 Allergies are actually a defect in the immunoresponse.  My immune system thinks that things I am allergic to are actually viruses or bacteria that would harm and react accordingly.  The shots are supposed to train your system to recognize that these are not harmful substances. They start you off with a very small dose of serum made from the proteins of the things that I was allergic to.  They gradually raise the dose until they reach a maintenance dose which will, in theory, desensitize your system.  I was told by an immunologist that this works in 75% of people.  It did not for me.  In fact when they tried raising my dose, I would go in anaphylactic shock and had to be given a shot of diphenhydramine and adrenaline. Antihistamines don't work well for me.  The 2nd generation ones, don't last 24 hours like they are supposed, only 8.  So my doctors but me on a regimen of larger doses that normal and I had to be on them year round with the addition of a steroid nasal spray.

When I was 24 was when I was at my worst.  I would break out in hives when I took a hot shower or got warm.  I would have oral reactions when I ate foods that had similar proteins to the things I was allergic to.  I would get weird rashes.  My system was in hypersensitive mode.  I ended up moving the the Virgin Islands for about 5 years and my symptoms improved because I was not allergic to as many things down there and I was each healthier and not using as many toxic substances or being exposed to pollution.  

When I moved back to the states, it took a couple of years for things to get bad again.  After reading an article about how there has been a rise in allergies over the years and they were attributing it to the use of toxic chemicals in cleaning supplies and foods, and being diagnosed with Endometriosis, which they are suspecting may be caused by dioxin exposure, I decided to start going "green".

About two years ago, I stumbled on the blog of Yasmina Ykelenstam, Healing Histamine My story sounded similar to hers.  She mentioned in her blog that controlling inflammation helped her overcome her symptoms.  I started talking Nigella Seed, Quercetin, Tumeric, and Holy Basil everyday. My symptoms improved but never fully went away and still had to take antihistamines but not as often,

Then last year, a friend of mine introduced me to Young Living. I switched more of my cleaners over to theirs.  I started diffusing oils.  I started using the "Allergy Trio" (Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemon), Frankincense, and Copaiba.  I noticed I was having to take my allergy meds less and less.  Then one day my eyes were itching really badly and I put the allergy trio on my cheeks and itching stopped within two minutes.  I started using their Allergy Trio in their Vitality (FDA approved for oral use) in veggie capsules and felt even better.  

Then last month, I started doing some research on NingXia which is made with wolfberries (Goji) and how it is full of antioxidants, which I know can help with inflammation.  I ordered a bunch of it and started drinking 2oz a day in the morning.  I am so happy to report that I have not felt better in years.  I have even reduce the amount of coffee that I drink from one pot to one cup a day.  I am so grateful that I was introduced to Young Living and wish this had happened years ago.  I am no longer talking the Allergy Trio orally as I don't need to. I have replaced with the Rescue Spray I posted last week and that is just as effective.  I can't believe it is April and I am not taking 2 antihistamines and a steroid spray!!!!  And I can breath and my eyes don't itch!  I am really looking forward to ragweed season.  

I credit my improvement to:
1.) reducing my exposure to toxins in my home by using eco-friendly non-toxic cleaners
2.) reducing my stress through aromatherapy
3.) trying to eat organic and whole foods
4.) taking suppliments that support my immune system and reduce inflammation so my immune system works properly.  

If you are curious, this is what I use on a daily basis.  This might not work for you as everyone's systems are different.  You should consult a your physician before changing your regimen. 

2 ox NingXia
800mg Quercetin
2 Gaia Adrenal Health (Rhodiola and Holy Basil)
2 Sprays in each nostril of Rescue Nasal Spray

1 Veg cap of Ground Nigella Seed

800mg Quercetin
2 Gaia Adrenal Health (Rhodiola and Holy Basil)

Bed Time
2 Sprays in each nostril of Rescue Nasal Spray 

I am sharing this information because I believe it will help people but I must disclose that I am Young Living Independant Distributor.  I am because I believe in their products because of how they have improved me life.  You can email me at betterversionofmeoils@gmail.com if you have any questions or if you are interested in trying any of the Young Living products.  

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