28 March 2017

Inexpensive Non-Toxic Laundry

Over a year ago, I switched to using soap nuts for laundry soap and wool dryer balls instead of fabric softener and never looked back. I had been making my own laundry detergent but this is so much easier and cheaper.  I got a 5lb bag of soap nuts on Amazon for about $55.00 with shipping.  1 lb lasted me a year.  At that price it is about $11 year for laundry soap!   The dryer balls were $19.99 for 3 and have lasted me about a year and half.

Soap Nuts:  "containing saponin - a highly effective cleaning agent. Saponin works like most detergents & soaps WITH NO CHEMICALS!"  I just put the total of 6-8 nuts in a the muslin bag and toss them in the wash.  I use each bag full about 4-6 times.  

If I do have something especially stinky, I add a squirt of Dr. Bronners Sal-suds.  

Dryer Balls:  I add a couple of drops of Young Living Essential Oils to each ball and through them in the dryer.  I added the safety pins to cut down on static cling.  

That is it!  Super easy, non-toxic, Eco-friendly, and INEXPENSIVE!

Luckily Young Living is having a special right now because I need new balls.  $23.50 for 4 balls, one Lavender 5ml and Lemongrass 15ml!!  So you are basically getting 4 balls for 50 cents.   Send me a message if you want more information on these deals!  OH NO THESE SOLD OUT!! Click here to see how you can get a free Better Versio of Me Clean Laundry Kit instead  Shown below. 

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