17 March 2017

Friday Favorites: Oil Cleansing For Your Face

I have suffered from acne most of my life and now that I am getting older, (I will be 47 this year), I have wrinkles to contend with, too!  About a year ago, my husband bought me an oil serum for Christmas and it stated on it that it could be use for cleansing your face.  When that bottle had run out,  had started using Young Living oils, so I decided to make up my own.  I did some research and found that out the following:

  Castor Oil: Castor oil makes an excellent carrier oil for the oil cleansing method.  According to the National Institute of Health   Castor oil and Ricinoleic Acid can enhance the transdermal penetration of other chemicals.  It also boost your skins immune response as stated here .  And the NIH also list Castor Oil and Lavender as having antimicrobial effects here.  

Here is a great article about oil cleansing from Young Living 

I make the serum in a 50ml dropper bottle this way:

Fill 1/3 with jojoba oil
30 drops each of Lavender, Frankincense, and Geranium
fill the rest with Castor oil

To cleanse I put two dropper full of the serum in my hands and rub all over my face in little circles for about 2 minutes. Then I run a clean washcloth under very warm, almost hot, water. I then place the washcloth over my face for 30 seconds to a minute and then wipe off the oil.  

I will also use a smaller amount as a moisturizer and have add these three essential oils to my cream moisturizer.  I do still get occasional breakouts but not nearly as much as a I used to.  I also have very few wrinkles for my age so I am hoping this will help stave them off a little longer.  This also smells amazing and I find it to be a very relaxing before-bed ritual.  It is also great knowing I am not putting any harsh chemicals on my body. 

This is also great for your hair.  I just put a couple of drops in my hands, rub together, and smooth on the ends of my hair.  

Did you know that we absorb what we put on our skin?  Here is a great article about why you should be mindful of what your skincare products contain: Huffington Post 

I am so glad I am consistanly making the switch to safer healthier products.  

Are you ready to join me?  Email me at tracie.simons@gmail.com and I can help you get started.

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